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Engine Oil change Tire check

Get help with emission and automotive maintenance!

Emission maintenance and exhaust system maintenance are important to pass California's biennial smog inspection guidelines. Make sure you get the right automotive maintenance to keep your engine in good condition at all times. Call us right away with any queries or if you need help with your vehicle in the Hemet, CA area!

  • Change engine oil and oil, air, and fuel filters when necessary

  • ​Perform necessary engine servicing

  • Check tire pressure frequently

  • Check tire condition for wear and tear

  • Check hoses, wiring, and belts regularly

  • Don't modify your vehicle's emission control system

Here are tips to save gas and maintain your engine:

  • Not following manufacturer’s maintenance schedule

  • Aftermarket parts

  • Check engine light - keep your vehicle engine in good condition

  • Gas cap gaskets and other parts

  • Positive Crankcase Ventilation deterioration

  • Monitor reset - the on board computer (OBDII)

Here's why your vehicle could fail the smog check:

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